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Hey {{answer_ZNLJ}}, nice to meet you.
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We prefer text over email.
Where do you reside, {{answer_ZNLJ}}? *

Where do you work, {{answer_ZNLJ}}? *

What is your job title there, {{answer_ZNLJ}}? *

What medications & supplements are you taking, {{answer_ZNLJ}} *

We want to know about all of your health conditions/concerns and old injuries.  This will help us to help you safely and effectively. *

Please make special note of the following:
Heart Disease
Multiple Sclerosis
High/Low Blood Pressure
Blood or organ disease, including Thyroid dysfunction
Spinal Health challenges
Joint Health challenges
How many 250ml/8oz cups of water do you drink per day? (4 cups = 1L) *

On average, how many hours of sleep do you get per night? *

Health Professionals you are working with besides your family doctor: *

Professionals such as:

massage therapist
What are you looking to gain from Fitness Coaching? *

List ALL of your goals, even the ones that make you blush ;*)
Here are some common goals:

Feel more at home in my body
More Energy
Less Pain
Weight Loss/Gain
Better Balance
Increased Strength/Endurance
Greater Flexibility (where?)
Better Physique Definition (where?)
Lowered Health Risks (which ones?)

On a scale of 1-10, if 1 is a couch potato and 10 is as fit and healthy as you have always imagined being, where would you rate your fitness level now? *

Where would you like to be on that scale of 1-10? *

How will {{answer_47744058}} feel different from {{answer_47744050}}? What will you do differently and how will you feel differently? *

By when would you like to brag that you have gone from a {{answer_47744050}} to a {{answer_47744058}}? *

Holidays, seasons and other significant events are great goal markers.
Thanks for doing all the heavy lifting{{answer_ZNLJ}}, this will make our start together quicker and easier!

Please send a text to (403) 380-8660 with any questions you have!

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