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Immersive coaching is an intensive process by which we create lasting change in your life by annihilating all of the obstacles that have kept you from your fulfilling life of purpose and meaning.  The process requires a wholehearted commitment from you, beginning with this Coachability questionnaire.  Let's get you the life you have always dreamed of...
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We are so glad you are excited, here is your first Coachability question: How do you want life to be different for you? What do you desire out of life that you do not currently have now? *

Your second Coachability question:
Why don't you have it now? *

Your third Coachability question:
What is possible if we work together? *

Your fourth Coachability question:
Why would it be valuable to you if we worked together? *

Your fifth Coachability question:
What is in your world now that you would like to be different that might be different if we worked together?


Your sixth Coachability question:
Tell me again what you want and why it isn't in your life right now? Your absolute honesty is key to making it possible for you. *

Your seventh Coachability question:
What is in your life right now that you desire to eradicate? What needs to go in order for you to be the person you desire to be and for you to live the life you desire to live? *

Your Eighth Coachability question:
If we can work together to make all that you want possible, what would that be worth to you? Please state in solid, tangible time and financial commitments. *

Wow, you went really deep there, and I honour your honesty & commitment.  I will be in touch to make an appointment time for our first Immersive Coaching Session session.

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